New mobile app for Milwaukee taxis challenges disruptive competitors

Facing industry pressure from mobile ride-booking applications Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc., American United Taxi Services is pushing back with an app of its own. “TAXIMKE” is designed with its competitors’ concept in mind: order, book and track a taxi through your smartphone. Unlike Uber and Lyft’s apps, TAXIMKE lets users pay via credit…

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With buses idle, taxis and ‘ride-shares’ see chance to pick up more rides

The first mention I saw came from smartphone app TAXIMKE, in an emailed press release Tuesday. It began, “As the pending strike looms…” TAXIMKE, a mobile app-centered rebrand for traditional taxi company American United Taxi Co., was first but not last to capitalize on the¬†Milwaukee County Transit System work stoppage. With buses out of commission,…

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