Professional Taxicab Drivers

Being a professional taxicab driver is a challenging and rewarding career.  Driving a taxicab is like running your own small business.  As an independent contractor, you pay in advance to lease the taxicab and then you set your own work schedule and the fares you receive are yours to keep.  Twelve hour shifts are available to lease working either days (6 am – 6pm) or nights (6pm – 6am) or you can lease a taxicab for a 24 hour shift giving you the maximum flexibility in setting your hours.

TAXIMKE is always looking to contract with customer oriented, energetic, hardworking individuals with good people skills. (Download this information sheet)

How to Apply

If interested, you can visit our website anytime to find out more information and complete an on-line application or to apply in person, stop by the offices of Lease Services located at 646 South 2nd Street, Suite 500, Milwaukee, any Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.

If applying in-person, you must bring a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License, your City of Milwaukee Public Passenger Driver’s License (if you already have one, if not don’t worry we’ll cover that information later) and a copy of your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) if you have one that is not more than 14 days old or with a $7 cash payment and we will obtain one for you through our on-line access with the State of Wisconsin DOT.

To be considered for a taxicab lease, potential drivers must be at least 23 years old, have at least 2 years of driving experience, be properly licensed by state and local authorities, have a good driving record and have no criminal background.  We must submit the name, date of birth, Wisconsin state driver’s license number and MVR Copy for all potential drivers to our insurance provider for approval.  The insurance company will review the applicant’s driving history and will notify us as to the acceptance or denial of insurance coverage.   This process takes about 3 to 5 business days.

Once insurance approval is obtained, you will need to undergo a Nationwide Background Check.   Applicants must have a valid email address and complete required authorization forms at the same time they come in to apply with their state of Wisconsin Driver’s License.  If for some reason the insurance company reviews your MVR and does not approve you, paperwork for the Background Check will not be submitted and a report will not be run.   Lease Services will contact you with results once the entire process is complete.  An applicant’s driving ability is contingent upon passing the Background Check, drug screen and completing First Aid/CPR training.

Upon passing the Background Check, if you do not already have a Public Passenger Driver’s License (PPL) from the City of Milwaukee, one can be obtained from the License Division, Room #105 of the Milwaukee City Hall, 200 E. Wells Street, (414) 286-2238.  You will also need to take two (2) small passport type photos with you for the license.  Any and all fees related to licenses are the responsibility of the applicant.


Once the application process is complete, you will need to pay a partial security deposit for use of one of our taxicabs and you will be given a copy of our current training materials which outlines the procedures you will be expected to follow as well as information on how to operate the tablet functions and credit card machine in the vehicle.  You will need to learn these procedures and operations as well as the City of Milwaukee codes (Chapter 100) for taxi drivers.

Beginning to Drive

Once you have successfully accomplished some on the road training, you will take a short road test with the General Manager for final approval.  Upon final approval, completion of necessary paperwork and receipt of any required payments, a vehicle will be assigned to you.  Lease Services will go over a few rules and policies of the company and a staff member of the sub-contracted Maintenance facility will walk you through the inspection process and procedures for safety checks and vehicle maintenance. That’s it and you are ready for the road.

Lease Fee and Security Deposit

All taxicabs are leased to you as an independent contractor, Lease Services and TAXIMKE are not employing you.  For taxicab drivers, the lease fee is due each week in advance of driving and must be paid in full.  The amount of lease fee you will pay will be determined by the shift you drive.

Each driver leasing a taxicab must post a $1500 security deposit.  This security deposit may be paid in full at any time or at a minimum in $50 increments on a weekly basis in addition to the weekly lease fee. This security deposit is held on account to cover any amounts of money that may be charged to the driver over and above the lease fee.  This includes but is not limited to:  unpaid parking/toll tickets, damage to the cab, unpaid rent or unpaid charges/fines.  All drivers are responsible for returning the vehicle in the same condition as it was when taken out.  The security deposit will be refunded in full after 30 days of leaving, if the driver notifies Lease Services in writing at least one week in advance of the date on which he/she wishes to terminate the lease, and provided the driver has no other outstanding bills that are owed.  Failure to follow policies and procedures may result in forfeiture in part or in full of the Security Deposit amount on hand.

Driver Responsibilities

Each driver is responsible for paying his/her lease fee on time.  Failure to make payments on time will result in automatic termination of lease and suspension from driving.  The cab will be full of gas at the start of your shift and should be returned full of gas at the end of your shift.  It is the drivers responsibility to keep the cab clean inside and out at all times.  Drivers must return the cabs on time at the end of each shift.  Fluids, lights, tires, etc. on the cab must be checked daily by each driver prior to driving.  Any needed repairs should be reported to the sub-contracted maintenance facility immediately.  Each driver is responsible for driving in a safe and professional manner at all times and abiding by the rules of Lease Services, the sub-contracted Maintenance facility, American United Transportation Group and its affiliates and the City of Milwaukee.


Driving a taxicab is a very challenging profession, but can be very rewarding.  In essence, being a taxicab driver is being an independent business owner.  Hard, work, self-motivation and dedication to providing good service to your customers will be rewarded with above average pay and a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.